My Loveletter To Myself 01.05.2020

My love letter to myself.                                          Trondheim 01.05.2020

Dear beautiful Åsa inside out,
once again we sit down to communicate and focus on how to cooperate better. I have been listening more to You my body lately, as I wish and need you to speak up with your wisdom like we have done before. I need your support more than ever now and I do my best to take care of you too with good healthy food, walks in fresh air and rest. Still I felt stress lately and you been speaking up so loud with body pain and I want to hear you out now.

Thank you, I heard the gentle voice whisper inside me once again as I felt a tingling sensation in my body, goosebumps spreading all over me in waves. Thank you for taking care of me, providing for us and start to trust me and all the signals I send to guide you with when you are trying to find out of things by yourself. Even though your conscious mind forgets, I store information how you/we solved things in our life. I also know, said the gentle voice, how to get in touch with the universal intelligence via our heart and stomach as well. That is what I been trying to do lately, stop you from stressing out as we already know the next step. Do you remember I send out stress hormones when I want you to stop, take a deep breath and listen in instead? the gentle voice asked me.

I do remember, I replied, and I am sorry for keep forcing you to send it as I thought the answer was something else logical. Now I apologize for not been listening as I know you are here ready to guide me to get back on track. Please forgive me as I forgot that we need to cooperate to do this together as I did promise you. Can you? I asked my body.

The gentle voice reassured me that it loves me and forgives me, that we are in this together. I need to send you more signals as well, the gentle voice did whisper, so you understand me. Signals as body-sensations but  also to cooperate with your unconscious mind to send you visions and let you feel the inner knowing much stronger. Would that help you?

Thank you, I replied, for always loving me and yes, it will help me so much. I love you and will show it more! Sincerely Asa