Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 09.12.2015

Epiphany – Archangel Raziel

Joy through spiritual growth. Be a light to others. Answers that comes through meditation.

The angels wish to say with this card that you are yes indeed a light to the world and you have so much knowledge inside of yourself. Now is the time to trust yourself with what comes up when you seek answers. Some answers will come when you meditate, or for being in situations where you feel you are in flow and lose track of time. The angels say when we have a positive approach we will also hear our soul voice more easily, and the answers will arrive from within.

Archangel Raziel is like a magician and he, when you let him, will help you dissolve any problem you are dealing with. You can call upon him when you wish to remember inner knowledge and when you wish to heal from former life traumas that stand in your way to move on. He will help you remove the fear and fill you up with joy, which makes you remember who you are. Archangel Raziel is a well-known teacher for esoteric knowledge. Just ask him to help you get the information you need, and he will show up as well to help you with whatever you ask help whit.

The angels say that now as you detox the world will look like chaos many times. Therefor it is so important to remember who you are and all the wisdom you have inside of yourself. You are important in the world; others need you here as well. In the detoxing process we all are in together, when you stand up for yourself with a positive attitude you are a true leading star. Let yourself and others shine through the process we are in now. The angels wish to heal you, guide you and protect you during all the detoxing processes we go through. They love you unconditional and reassure you that you will heal and feel joy again inside out.