Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 05.12.2015

Ten of Ariel

There is so much to be grateful for! Financial success and the promise of retirement. A rich and rewarding family life.


The angels wish to say with the card that now is the time to sit down and appreciate the good things in life. Life moves on no matter which situation we been in or go through right now. To move on does not mean that we shall forget about the past the angels say, it just means we need to be present and honor all the good and beautiful things being and happening around us.

Archangel Ariel is working with healing of humans, animals, nature and Mother Earth and she send out her unconditional love and healing over the world. She can guide you when you wish to help your animal or guide you about issues around nature and Mother Earth, as well as asking for healing for yourself.

The angels wish to ask you to be out in the nature more, to get oxygen, to heal and to cooperate with Archangel Ariel not only for yourself but also for Mother Earth.  It is so important that we get together, have fun and just be present as much as we can in our daily life the angels say. That will help us getting back energy, stop power leaks and create a brighter future for us all. This will also help us to release pain and negative thinking, when we focus on all what we are grateful for. It is time to release all we no longer needs.

It is so much positive going on in life as well as the negative things we experience or see, hear and read in the news. The angels ask us to remember this and ask us to have a positive focus; they help us with that. Archangel Ariel send her healing and ask that you can call upon her when you are in need of healing for yourself, your animals or for the nature around you.

No matter which Archangel you wish to get help from even when you do not know who to call upon, ask the angels for help and know that your prayers gets heard and the right Archangel will show up. The angels are always present and send their unconditional love and healing for you. They protect you always.