Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card




Card picked 04.12.2015

The Magician – Archangel Raziel

You can manifest the life you want. What you need will magically appear! Successful beginnings.

The angels wish to say with this card that now is the time to take back power. As we now in the end of the year detox our bodies and souls to give the new year a fresh start, we are more sensible and vulnerable than other times during the year. Most of this happens unconsciously the angels say, and we have huge power leaks that makes us feel even worse than we need to in this transformation time.

Archangel Raziel is the Archangel that can help you remember who you are, to hear your soul voice telling you all what you know, recall the knowledge you store within. He can help you use this knowledge so it helps you in the life situation you are in now.

You can ask Archangel Raziel to help you if you have created fears, lack thinking from past traumas and painful memories that is in the way for you to do your life mission. Archangel Raziel will help you move on in your life, take back power. He is like huge magician that helps you focus on your life mission and to connect to your higher self. When you start to manifest by pre-actions and actions, like in making up your mind what you wish to do and then start to act to reach that goal, the manifestation starts in the unseen and will continue to create itself until it is a physical reality.

The angels wish to tell you that you have all what it takes to be happy. It all comes down to focus, interpretation and to understand such a powerful being you are. When you take power, you can create what you want the angels say. They wish to help you stay focused, to support you and guide you in this process. It all starts with healing and building up self-confidence in this detoxing time. The angels ask for your permission to heal you and make you your own magician. They support you, and love you through this time and celebrate every victory small and big with you, so have faith the angels say. Therefore, it is.