Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 12.12.2015

Six of Ariel

Material needs get fulfilled in magical and unexpected ways. Acts of kindness. Giving or receiving with a grateful heart.

The angels wish to say with this card that it is both ok to give as it is to receive, especially with a grateful heart. We are all together in this energy exchange; it is a blessing in giving, as it is to allow receiving. Now is the time to get an overview over what you have and what you need. Can you help others, or is it time to let others help you or perhaps do both.

Archangel Ariel is one healing angel working with Archangel Raphael especially towards healing animals. She is believed to be a leader to an angelic group that governs the order in the physical universe like the planets including Earth, moon, sun, stars. She say that your needs will be fulfilled, and she ask us to help her to prevent the world from more damage. You can call upon her for healing of animals and nature. You can also call upon her when you need guidance in how to get your physical needs met as she governs the physical universe.

The angels say that it is important with finding a balance in life. This balance is for instance how you manage your time during the day and week with work, rest, play, study, sport, leisure time and the things need to be done like cleaning and preparing food.

Do you take care of yourself or do you just stress around? Do you help others out? Do you allow others to help you? Find a balance and it will create more balance and will get your needs met when you need it. The angels will guide you through this, protect you and they send their unconditional love to you.