Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 13.12.2015

Five of Gabriel

A challenge you can resolve. Withdraw from the drama of others. Have patience with yourself and those around you.

The angels wish to say with this card that now is the time to sit down and listen to your inner voice. It is the end of the year and you need to sort out what is important to you and what is not. How do you manage your time, can you think different so you make it easier for yourself? The angels say that to take a short break when you are busy, will help you to take back your power. As you take back your power, the angels say, you will think clearer and some solutions will be obvious for you.

Archangel Gabriel is the communication angel. If you need help with communicating and how to give messages to others, call upon him and he will guide you. He is also working together with Mother Mary when it comes to pregnancies, adoptions and raising children. Call upon them when you wish to guidance with any child issue you have, like becoming pregnant, healthy pregnancy, raising children or even help with sensitive children. They are ready to help you out through whatever process you go through.

In these times of conflicts in the world is it even more important to focus on the positive things in life, the things what matters to you no matter what other think or believe is good for you. The angels wish to help you listen to your inner positive voice and make it be louder if it is just whispering now. Have patience with yourself is the clear message today, this challenging time will go over, it can be resolved and it will the angels say to comfort you.

Have faith and trust that you are so much more than is visible for your eyes; somethings you need to see and feel with your heart. Your time has started in the unseen the angels say. As you detox and listen more to your inner voice that will be clearer to you with time until it is a physical reality. We wish to guide you the angels say, we protect you and love you through this.

Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 12.12.2015

Six of Ariel

Material needs get fulfilled in magical and unexpected ways. Acts of kindness. Giving or receiving with a grateful heart.

The angels wish to say with this card that it is both ok to give as it is to receive, especially with a grateful heart. We are all together in this energy exchange; it is a blessing in giving, as it is to allow receiving. Now is the time to get an overview over what you have and what you need. Can you help others, or is it time to let others help you or perhaps do both.

Archangel Ariel is one healing angel working with Archangel Raphael especially towards healing animals. She is believed to be a leader to an angelic group that governs the order in the physical universe like the planets including Earth, moon, sun, stars. She say that your needs will be fulfilled, and she ask us to help her to prevent the world from more damage. You can call upon her for healing of animals and nature. You can also call upon her when you need guidance in how to get your physical needs met as she governs the physical universe.

The angels say that it is important with finding a balance in life. This balance is for instance how you manage your time during the day and week with work, rest, play, study, sport, leisure time and the things need to be done like cleaning and preparing food.

Do you take care of yourself or do you just stress around? Do you help others out? Do you allow others to help you? Find a balance and it will create more balance and will get your needs met when you need it. The angels will guide you through this, protect you and they send their unconditional love to you.

Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 11.12.2015

Queen of Raphael – Kind, Understanding, Giving, Psychic

Follow your heart! A love of home and family. Trustworthy psychic information.

The angels wish to say with this card that you are safe. No matter what the surroundings might look like, no matter if it is ‘windy’, you sit safe. The angels say that everything has its own time and place, trust yourself. Now in this healing period is it even more important that you do play, to have fun and take your time for you as well. You are the most important person in your own life and you write every chapter in your life book. The angels wish to remember you the importance of focusing on your own needs, that is not egoistic. You can balance life and remember that you sit safe the angels say.

Archangel Raphael is the healing angel and today he say that in this detox process he held his protecting wings over you. The time has arrived to heal the relationship with yourself once and for all, also with others, still he ask you to explore yourself  now as this detoxing period makes you peel off like the layers of an onion. Tears will change to laughter even though it goes up and down in life.  After this huge transformation, it will not be as tough to come back on track he say to comfort you and for you to gain trust. He will be there guiding you all the way.

The angels say that this New moon is extra strong so it is smart to get clear what your heart desires in all areas in your life. What you send out now of emotions, will have an extra energy layer to it and it will be like manifesting on steroids. Get clear of what you want the angels say, set clear intentions and send it out to the universe. Trust that the outcome will be as you wish or even better, let the universe handle how to solve it and how to bring it to happen without you question it. This New Moon energy will have 3 days of strong energy, so it is plenty of time to write down your intentions, and or just do affirmation and visualize it with a clear mind. The angels will help you gain trust so you get what your heart desires.

The angels also wish you to trust your inner guidance and soul voice. This a good time to spend with family, friends and take care of your home no matter if you decorate your house in a new way or move and create a new home. Still the angels wish you to make some space for yourself and get to know yourself better, focus on your own needs when you can, as you are important. The angels send their love, guidance to you and protect you and you are safe in this time when all happens for the highest good for everyone even though it might not seem like that.

Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 10.12.2015

Five of Raphael

Everything happens for a reason. Release regret, and embrace the opportunities for happiness. Search for the silver lining.

The angels wish to say with this card that you all are in this huge transformation process now. Some of you are starting to see the changes, but you all are testing out new situations, way of thinking, what to say and when. It is as if you would test new outfit the new experiences you are starting to get about yourself and life in general.  You shift your view of yourself and the world and it is as you are awakening and see the world with new eyes with this detoxing process.

Archangel Raphael is the healing angel and in his realms he say you are glowing, complete, unscarred and worthy this transformation. Call upon him and he will guide you through this process and send you power and healing if you let him. You are never alone even if you feel so; he is near also in your darkest moments.

The angels say that everything happens for a reason, and you are peeling off layer by layer as you peel one onion what you no longer need. What no longer serve you is like presents you packed up once in your life but grow old in your new way of thinking and living, so you leave it behind. Time to move on and to see new opportunities.

As you heal inside out, you will see and feel happiness again like dressing up to go to an important dinner or gathering. It feels like you are having butterflies inside of you the joy you will feel. Therefore, no worry if you are not there yet the angels say, you will get there in the end of the process and it will be mirroring back to you. We send our unconditional love, protection and wish to guide you through this and all you need guidance in the angels say. Do not hesitate to call upon us, as we are already close to your heart.

Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 09.12.2015

Epiphany – Archangel Raziel

Joy through spiritual growth. Be a light to others. Answers that comes through meditation.

The angels wish to say with this card that you are yes indeed a light to the world and you have so much knowledge inside of yourself. Now is the time to trust yourself with what comes up when you seek answers. Some answers will come when you meditate, or for being in situations where you feel you are in flow and lose track of time. The angels say when we have a positive approach we will also hear our soul voice more easily, and the answers will arrive from within.

Archangel Raziel is like a magician and he, when you let him, will help you dissolve any problem you are dealing with. You can call upon him when you wish to remember inner knowledge and when you wish to heal from former life traumas that stand in your way to move on. He will help you remove the fear and fill you up with joy, which makes you remember who you are. Archangel Raziel is a well-known teacher for esoteric knowledge. Just ask him to help you get the information you need, and he will show up as well to help you with whatever you ask help whit.

The angels say that now as you detox the world will look like chaos many times. Therefor it is so important to remember who you are and all the wisdom you have inside of yourself. You are important in the world; others need you here as well. In the detoxing process we all are in together, when you stand up for yourself with a positive attitude you are a true leading star. Let yourself and others shine through the process we are in now. The angels wish to heal you, guide you and protect you during all the detoxing processes we go through. They love you unconditional and reassure you that you will heal and feel joy again inside out.

Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 08.12.2015

Seven of Raphael

Time to make a decision! Be clear on what you want, and take action. A need for detoxification. 

The angels wish to say with this card that you are on the right path, and now has the time arrived to focus on your own needs. We are in a deep healing month and clean out soul and body in the end of the year to be able to refresh before the New Year starts. The angels say it is time for you to fill up with energy to what you need to. If it is to handle certain areas of your life or just general.

Archangel Raphael is the healing angel and he is today here to tell you that you are healed and unscarred in his realms. This time he wish to focus on you and your needs. Before giving others you need to be refilled with energy and he is about to help you with that if you let him. Call upon him, if only just thinking his name he will show up. He is in many places in one time. Today he has arranged a healing alter for you. With your permission he will fill up and heal any part, that needs healing.

The angels say that you just need 5 minutes spent on yourself through the hectic day to gain all the energy you need. As you are in the angels eyes from their perspective whole and worthy, you just have to accept their wish to help you refill and heal you. The bad moments in your life had their purpose but no longer serve you. With this message, the angels send you once again their unconditional love, respect, guidance and they keep protecting you.

Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 07.12.2015

Two of Raphael

Two hearts dedicated to creating something wonderful. Kindred spirits. Don’t give up on those you love.

The angels wish to say with this card once again that you never walk alone. Now is the time to heal every relationship you are in, no matter if it is a family relationship, a romantic relationship, relationship with yourself, relationship with a friend or your relationship with coworkers as examples. It is time to heal inside out and to start cherishing every aspect of the relationships you are in now and the ones you are about to enter.

When you heal within, you will also be able to heal your relationships. Once you done so, you will build up trust and start to create good experiences and things together again. During this process, the angels are here guiding you through when you let them. They send their unconditional love over you and the situation.

Archangel Raphael is the healing angel and he sees you from his realms as healed and unscarred. He will help you heal any relationships including the one you have to yourself. Together with Archangel Michael, he will help you release your fears and stress if you let them. You just have to think please help me, and they will show up. He wish you to know that when you cooperate as he does with Michael, you can solve many of your issues.

The angels wish to remember you as well that love is all there is, anything else is an illusion. You are love, you are loved, you are created from love and you are worthy of love even in times when you feel unworthy. In the angels realms you are worthy all the time and they shower you with their unconditional love. If you wish to have a romantic relationship, you will have it, as it is your heart’s desire sent out to the universe. If that is what you wish to experience, you just need to heal and allow yourself to let it happen. Have faith and the angels will help you gain this trust. It will help you to be grateful for all what you manifested in your life as made you to whom you are. The angels send their love, guidance and protection to you. Always.

Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 06.12.2015

Nine of Raphael

Make a wish! Dreams become reality. A joyful time of life.

The angels wish to say with this card that they have always been there loyal to you to serve you like in guiding you, love you and protect you. They wish you to be able to see which power you have inside to create and to manifest a better future for you and your loved ones. It is time to have faith in your own abilities and get clear of what you really want the angels say.

Archangel Raphael is the healing angel, and from his perspective, you are healed and pure in your essence. He wish to remind you about this and when you need to heal pain or any medical diagnose he is the angel to call upon. He will send unconditional love and healing and guide you to take the necessary steps towards your own healing. He brings his perspective to you about any health conditions from his realms and bring it into your awareness.

Archangel Raphael is also the angel that you can call upon when you plan a trip to have a safe trip like going with airplane and for a safe stay during your journey. He also works together with Archangel to clear away any stress and fear you have. Just call upon them and trust that they will help you out instantly.

The angels say that you are just like Aladdin with the lamp, just that the lamp is the universe and you create all you want in your life. So now is the time to get aware what you truly want and need. Remember, the angels say, that your feelings sent out 24/7/365 forms your future so be aware of what you send out. If you dream to travel, ask Archangel Raphael for help to make the travel as smooth as possible.

There is nothing you cannot dream about to experience the angel wish to give you as a message today. We are here to support you, guide you, protect you and love you in every aspect of life. We will bring you to your dreams and bring you safe home again. Have faith in yourself and your abilities the angels says, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in this very moment. When you receive the deep healing Archangel Raphael and many angels send you during December, you will be more ready to start a new fresh year 2016. Have faith in us and have faith in yourself is the angels message today.

Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 05.12.2015

Ten of Ariel

There is so much to be grateful for! Financial success and the promise of retirement. A rich and rewarding family life.


The angels wish to say with the card that now is the time to sit down and appreciate the good things in life. Life moves on no matter which situation we been in or go through right now. To move on does not mean that we shall forget about the past the angels say, it just means we need to be present and honor all the good and beautiful things being and happening around us.

Archangel Ariel is working with healing of humans, animals, nature and Mother Earth and she send out her unconditional love and healing over the world. She can guide you when you wish to help your animal or guide you about issues around nature and Mother Earth, as well as asking for healing for yourself.

The angels wish to ask you to be out in the nature more, to get oxygen, to heal and to cooperate with Archangel Ariel not only for yourself but also for Mother Earth.  It is so important that we get together, have fun and just be present as much as we can in our daily life the angels say. That will help us getting back energy, stop power leaks and create a brighter future for us all. This will also help us to release pain and negative thinking, when we focus on all what we are grateful for. It is time to release all we no longer needs.

It is so much positive going on in life as well as the negative things we experience or see, hear and read in the news. The angels ask us to remember this and ask us to have a positive focus; they help us with that. Archangel Ariel send her healing and ask that you can call upon her when you are in need of healing for yourself, your animals or for the nature around you.

No matter which Archangel you wish to get help from even when you do not know who to call upon, ask the angels for help and know that your prayers gets heard and the right Archangel will show up. The angels are always present and send their unconditional love and healing for you. They protect you always.

Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card




Card picked 04.12.2015

The Magician – Archangel Raziel

You can manifest the life you want. What you need will magically appear! Successful beginnings.

The angels wish to say with this card that now is the time to take back power. As we now in the end of the year detox our bodies and souls to give the new year a fresh start, we are more sensible and vulnerable than other times during the year. Most of this happens unconsciously the angels say, and we have huge power leaks that makes us feel even worse than we need to in this transformation time.

Archangel Raziel is the Archangel that can help you remember who you are, to hear your soul voice telling you all what you know, recall the knowledge you store within. He can help you use this knowledge so it helps you in the life situation you are in now.

You can ask Archangel Raziel to help you if you have created fears, lack thinking from past traumas and painful memories that is in the way for you to do your life mission. Archangel Raziel will help you move on in your life, take back power. He is like huge magician that helps you focus on your life mission and to connect to your higher self. When you start to manifest by pre-actions and actions, like in making up your mind what you wish to do and then start to act to reach that goal, the manifestation starts in the unseen and will continue to create itself until it is a physical reality.

The angels wish to tell you that you have all what it takes to be happy. It all comes down to focus, interpretation and to understand such a powerful being you are. When you take power, you can create what you want the angels say. They wish to help you stay focused, to support you and guide you in this process. It all starts with healing and building up self-confidence in this detoxing time. The angels ask for your permission to heal you and make you your own magician. They support you, and love you through this time and celebrate every victory small and big with you, so have faith the angels say. Therefore, it is.