Messages from the Archangels, from Archangel Power Tarot card


Card picked 15.12.2015

Page of Ariel – Reliable, Clever, Educated, Balanced

An excellent opportunity will be offered to you! Scholarships or the pursuit of education. Time to get to work! 

The angels wish to say with this card that it is time to sit down and update yourself. You have many different chapters going on in your life and you need to take a moment to get an overview over your life and situation. There is so much knowledge inside of yourself and around you; the angels say, still there is more to learn. They ask you to check with yourself what you might need and go for it.

Archangel Ariel is the healing angel, especially towards nature and animals there she cooperate with Archangel Raphael as well. You can call upon her when you need healing and she ask you to see your own beauty as she sees you and Mother Nature. She also wish you to see life’s beauty no matter what is going on around you.

Sometimes you need to get quiet as in one library the angels say, so you can listen to your inner voice, your soul voice. Then you will be able to know what the next step is in your life. Knowledge will also help you as well as people with experience, and for some, you are that person as well. Even in a stressful month like this is, it is important to go to work and to feel joy about it. Share your knowledge with others and let others share their knowledge with you. That will make a balance in your and other person’s life.

Some are considering education or taking a course and now is a good time for that the angels say. Just go for what your heart desire, you will be guided and there will be lights showing the way.  The angels will still guide you when you ask them and they protect you and shower their unconditional love over you constantly.